Lovebot - XO CONDOS PHASE 2 by Lifetime Developments and Pinedale Properties Ltd.

Artist Collaboration

Lifetime Developments present XO2’s artist collaborator, Matthew Del Degan a.k.a LOVEBOT. Matthew’s dedication to sharing love and kindness on a global scale via his Lovebot initiative has garnered a dedicated followership and Toronto wide recognition. In 2012, Matthew led a team of more than 30 volunteers to create the Lovebot Invasion project. Together, he and his friends hand mixed 30,000 lbs of concrete to produce well over 100, two foot tall original Lovebot Sculptures. Each 250lb Lovebot sculpture was gifted to a person or group that performed acts of kindness in their communities. The only condition was that the sculptures remain within public spaces so that these sentinels of love could carry out their main purpose; to illuminate the kindness and compassion in our city, and in turn, inspire more.

Since then, LOVEBOT’s ceaseless positive momentum created through a plethora of artwork and Industrial Design (Matthew’s academic degree)has affected countless lives for good. Lovebot murals continue to be painted in cities the world over, from Toronto to Osaka, Japan. Lovebot’s many incarnations range from TV show appearances to ten of thousands of stickers, clothing, street art / public installation, graffiti, paintings, merchandise, sculptures, toys, and even dozens of tattoos done on human flesh.

Lovebot’s main purpose is to remind us that we are not robots, commuting back and forth in our concrete jungles. We are humans, with heart and the profound ability to share love and kindness with each other every day.

Matthew Del Degan


We, at Lifetime have joined forces with Lovebot to further this joyful pursuit and to simply share the love! Lovebot’s positive energy radiates to warm the hearts of all who experience it. We feel there is no better way to add to XO2’s vibrant surrounding community than to commission gorgeous sculptures, murals and more from Toronto’s beloved Lovebot!

XO2’s shared amenity and surrounding outdoor spaces will feature astonishing original art works that contain a deep Torontonian grassroots history. Love is the foundation to a warm and happy home. We hope you feel that love daily as you discover for yourself all that Lovebot has to offer exclusively at XO2.