Wellness Collaborations - XO CONDOS PHASE 2 by Lifetime Developments and Pinedale Properties Ltd.

Lifetime Developments
is proud to be a strategic
partner of Clear Inc.,

a Toronto-based leader in water and air filtration technology, with an aim to elevate the meaning of healthy living by improving the quality of indoor air and water.

Clear Inc. technologies work to combat against Sick Building Syndrome, Building Related Illness, Waterborne Disease Outbreak and Last Mile Effect. At XO2, feel safe knowing you’ve arrived home to a clean environment — all shared amenities spaces, including elevators, will be outfitted with top-of-the-line air and water filtration technology.

Air System

  • The world’s smartest air purification technology purified, cleanses and disinfects indoor air while monitoring its quality in real time
  • Patented, EPA-approved Sterionizer and Ray Filter combined with UVC LEDs target and disinfect indoor air from bacteria, viruses, fungus, mould and odours
  • Four levels of purification to remove particulate, microbiological chemical contaminants and odours, in addition to standard smoke and CO2 alarm functions
  • The Sterionizer™ uses patented bipolar ionization technology, generating positive and negative ions as found in nature. EPA and CSA Approved, this machine is designed to kill 97.9% of viruses, particularly those larger than 0.03μ

Air System

  • The Hyrdo-Optic™ UV Water System is a centralized, chemical-free method to treat building water that is designed to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, resulting in pharmaceutical grade, microbiologically pure water without the use of chemicals
  • The unique Total Internal Reflection™ technology maximizes the UV light’s rays by repeatedly reflecting them inside the chamber. This ensures a more even UV dose distribution, resulting in safe and healthy drinking water


Take your fitness to the next level thanks to an exclusive partnership between Lifetime Developments and the global fitness pioneer Freemotion Fitness. Experience exclusive access to one of the city’s most advanced training spaces, featuring a 3,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Fitness Lab designed and outfitted by fitness experts Freemotion Fitness and powered by iFIT, a leading interactive fitness program.


Embark on a fitness journey connected to live coaches, on-demand studio classes and global workouts filmed in over 40 countries led by Olympic champions, celebrity trainers, physical therapists, and professional cyclists – all from the comfort of home. Participate with top tier equipment including Google Maps driven terrain simulations, treadmills, indoor bikes, incline trainers and a wide range of strength training equipment.